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We are pleased to inform you that registration as commenced for the 2017/2018 Academic Session with 10% Automatic Scholarship for the first 100 Applicants

About Our Center


·         Our staffs are well trained educationists: lecturers, counsellors who have passion for helping students and ultimately understand the nitty-gritty of IJMBE.

·         Testimonies from our ex-students are living proofs of the success we have recorded via IJMB and also that we have the link to assist our students to 200L in the university home and abroad.

·         Registration with MEC means life partnership for success as we ensured our students pass IJMB in flying colours, assist in admission processing and even monitor the progress of our students in the university. We also give scholarship info to our registered student who like to study abroad and in Nigeria with their IJMB result.

·         It is a known and proven fact that our CENTRE records the best result annually nationwide and that’s why our ex-students always recommend our service to their friends. Call at any of our study centres to check our past results.

·         Noteworthy to accentuate that www.ijmbadmissions.com is the first and only trust worthy website that gives accurate, reliable and timely information about IJMBE REGISTRATION AND COMPREHENSIVE INFO on IJMB. This is shown in the number of graduates we have turned out and also our fan base on our facebook, twitter page. No other self-acclaimed IJMB website is close to us. In addition, most information on our website are copied word for words and used on the other fake and fraudulent websites.

·         We have state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, hostels and study facilities in all our study centres nationwide with adequate securities.

·         We are transparent and confident that we allow prospective applicant(s) to come to our offices directly to obtain IJMB FORM if they so desired.



The sole aim of any student who registers for IJMB is to secure 200L admission. In a bid to foster this aim we take it as a responsibility on ourselves to assist our students in securing 200 level admission

We have the best facilities in terms of classroom and hostel accommodation. Also we have tested and certified lecturers in various departments to ensure that our students come out in flying colours as we have turned out so many graduates and some still in various universities across the country by the virtue of this programme.


We equally examine our students monthly via 'monthly tests' on each subject and in a bid to motivate the students we give prizes and awards to the first 10 students in each subject. We also invite lecturers from tertiary institutions around to encourage and deliver speech to our students
Fridays are designated for social activities: Singing, chess, scrable, drama, etc


This is one of the most sensitive part of our work and most students don't even know why they want to study a course. We take time to carefully counsel them to know their strength and weakness (we subject them to test or through proper monitoring) to know the course a student can perform better in. This at times require us changing a student from science to social science or art as the case may apply. And this has been a great success and most convertees are doing very well in their new courses. So we pay attention to details because the success of our students is our utmost goal.


The place of discipline can't be understated or overlooked in academic excellence. We don't condole any act of indiscipline in our centre and hostels.


Both the teaching and Non-teaching staffs are Proffesionals in their designations who are always on ground to discharge their services to the best of their abilities and without discrimination or sentiments.


We have the best hostels around with all neccessary amenities in place to make sure our students are only concerned with their studies. We have security in our hostel.

Cross section of students at our monthly prize giving day
Another crosssection of students taking our monthly test
Another hall
Students Room



www.ijmbadmissions.com is the only website MEC is responsible and accountable for as we are not in collaboration with any other website different from the stated website above. Thus , candidates are urged to stick to ONLY information provided on this website for successful IJMB REGISRATION and ADMISSION. Click here to register now.

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