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We are pleased to inform you that registration as commenced for the 2017/2018 Academic Session with 10% Automatic Scholarship for the first 100 Applicants



Study in European or American University with 50% Guaranteed Scholarship

Recent statistics has shown that there are about 140 universities in Nigeria with a total admission capacity of 450,000. Given that over 1,300,000 candidates wrote the 2015 UTME. It is crystal clear that more than 800,000 applicant will not be admitted regardless of how good they passed UTME or even PUTME. This has been a recurring problem which forces many parents to seek admission for their children in universities at home and abroad.


Take advantage of the 50% automatic scholarship to study in our partner university in Cyprus/Turkey. The university is internationally recognized and provides ample opportunities to student during and after learning. The standard of teachings is extremely high as testified by our students in the university.

Tuition fees are cheaper than what is paid in private universities in Nigeria. Visa and admission is 100% guaranteed because we (Myadmissionlink Educational CRBN 326199) are one of the official representatives of the university. Also, processing is fast, simple and transparent as there are no hidden charges.


*Internationally recognized university

*scholarship and assistance opportunities

*Diverse and strong academic programmes

*Large numbers of foreign tutors

*Most affordable tuition fees, accommodation and cost of living

*on/off campus students dormitories

*Safe, secure, warm and friendly atmosphere

*State of the art facilities



*O level student who want to start from 100 level

*ND holders can also apply as we will process their admission into 200/300L

*B.Sc./HND holders for Master's degree


*International passport

*Completed application form

*O level result

*Birth certificate

*A passport photograph

*Medical report

*Statement of Purpose

*Medical report

*ND/HND/BSC transcript for ND/BSC/HND holders

NB: Application and registration for October intake is in progress!!!!


Tuition Fees Academic Year 2015 - 2016

Newly Registered International Students for 2015 Intake

All Undergraduate & Associate Degree Programmes

The all-inclusive tuition package* per academic year is $ 5,600 US Dollars**. All international Undergraduate students are admitted to the undergraduate programmes on 50% scholarship.The all-inclusive tuition package* with 50% scholarship per academic year $2,800 US Dollars**

All Master Programmes

All International Graduate students are admitted to the Master's programmes on a Special Tuition Package.The all-inclusive Special Tuition Package* for entire non-thesis programme $4,140 $ US Dollars**

The all-inclusive Special Tuition Package* for entire programmewith thesis $4,200 $ US Dollars**

All PhD Programmes

All International Postgraduate students are admitted to the PhD's programmes on a Special Tuition Package. The all-inclusive Special Tuition Package* for the entire PhD programme $ 8,160 $ US Dollars**

(*)It includes tuition fee, registration fee, health insurance fee, ID card & certificates.
(**) The given fee does not include the 5 % VAT.


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Tel no : 08114551455,07034386541

Whatsapp no : 0805809332

BBM : 2BB543A8

Email : info@ijmbadmissions.com, ijmb4all@gmail.com



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